The Impire of the Senses Gallery was founded in 2001 by the current owners Helena Pessoa and Paulo Marques, the project was born from a huge passion for modernist aesthetic, that makes us search the world for the best of what has been produced during the 20th century.

Currently we are a gallery of reference in Portugal, we sell vintage furniture, lighting and objects carefully selected presenting a collection based on well-defined aesthetic criteria.

All pieces are original and may be or not restored in our workshop respecting the methods and materials of each one.
In the gallery or in the warehouse you can find the piece you are looking for in our large collection where every week there are new arrivals, this dynamic has been essential to our success as well as the trust and loyalty of the clients who know they can rely on us as individuals and as a company.

Recently the Pipim STUDIO project was created, a design studio dedicated to create contemporary furniture designed by Paulo Marques and directed to the Hi-End market.